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Successfully Staging Your Home

by Julie Butherus CRS, GRI

Purchasing a home is very personal, but when you are trying to sell a home, you need to remove many of your personal touches. You need to stage your home so that buyers can picture themselves living there....not you. Proper staging will make your home more appealing, and will improve your chances of selling. 

Think like your buyer
Try to see your house with fresh perspective. Look for those eyesores you have become used to over the years. Try to view some of your cherished items as clutter and pack them away (bonus: get a jump start on packing)!

Bedrooms need to feel comfortable
A bedroom should be a place of relaxation. Stage your bedroom to convey comfort and serenity. You want it to appear spacious. Here are some tips for presenting your bedroom:

  • Paint it in neutral tones

  • Remove all furniture other than a bed, a dresser and a few decorations

  • Remove at least half of your clothing from your closet to make it seem larger

  • Clear away clutter, books and family photos

  • Invest in new bedding

  • Steam clean the carpets, clean the windows and dust the shades

Bathrooms can be beautiful 
Bathrooms should be impeccably clean and somewhat modern. Here are some bathroom staging tips:

  • Replace old towel rods and faucets, with sleek new ones

  • Hang fluffy new towels to match the bathroom’s color scheme

  • Before an open house, place a vase of fresh flowers in the bathroom

  • Remove all mold and soap scum from shower door

  • Add candles, scented soaps in baskets and glass containers holding cotton balls to make it feel spa-like

Cleanliness trumps all
Buyers have to imagine themselves living in your home, and they will have a hard time picturing themselves living in a dirty house. In fact, the top of your to-do list when you list home to sell should be a deep, thorough clean.

  • Remove mold and mildew

  • Scour away lime stains left by hard water

  • Clean windows inside and out

  • Steam carpets

  • Wash all linens and curtains

If you smoke or have a pet, be especially vigilant about removing those odors—because a clean, well-staged home should bring you a quick and profitable sale.

Story behind the RE/MAX balloon

by Julie Butherus CRS, GRI

The Story of the RE/MAX Balloon

RE/MAX Balloon

When most people think of RE/MAX they probably get a mental image of the iconic red, white and blue balloon. Do you know how the balloon came to be? The founder of RE/MAX tells the interesting story in this short video. I encourage you to watch!


Finding a home to fit your needs

by Julie Butherus CRS, GRI

Buyers can sometimes get distracted in their home search by the fancy amenities certain homes offer. The heated driveway, backyard pool, gorgeous bay windows and other "extras" are always nice, but I like to make sure clients don't overlook the necessities they need in a home. 

These necessities usually include having the right floor plan for your lifestyle, finding a suitable location near work or school, and staying within a reasonable budget.  If a buyer is already crunched for time, purchasing a home that adds a long commute to and from work is probably not a good idea. Nor is it wise to purchase a home that will stretch your budget so thin that you are unable to do the activities you truly enjoy. 

Try to picture yourself living in the home on an ordinary day. How will the layout affect your morning routine? What time will you have to leave to drop the kids at school and still make it to work on time? Will you have enough extra money after the mortgage payment to afford the necessary maintenance and upkeep on the home? 

If you want to know more, read this article from 

Local company supports humane society

by Julie Butherus CRS, GRI
Thank you to Fuoco Motors for supporting Roice-Hurst with their 80th Anniversary Celebration! They presented the humane society with a check for $4,600 by offering an $80 donation for every car sold in a 2 week period.
Thanks again to long time Roice-Hurst Humane Society supporters, Fuoco Motors. We are so thankful for your support of this great non-profit!
Fuoco Motors donates to Roice-Hurst Humane Society

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